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Principal Message

“Education should consist of drawing the goodness and the best
out of our students. What better books can there be than the book
of humanity.” ———- Cesar Chavez

It is my firm belief that education is beyond academic excellence. It is the harmonious synchronization of talent, skill, intelligence, inquisitiveness and values. This incredible amalgamation moulds a child’s personality comprehensively and equips him with all necessary virtues to face the challenges in life and step into the global society with confidence, responsibility, dignity, honour and integrity thereby spreading joy, kindness, solidarity and eternal bliss where ever they go.

Mrs. Sangeeta Banerjee

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide and facilitate each and every student, a diversified education in safe, eco-friendly and hygienic environment to promote self-discipline, self-esteem, motivation and excellent teaching learning process. Aster, with active co-operation of parents and community strive hard that students develop skills to adjust in a fast changing world and become self sufficient, who can succeed and contribute his/her best in the global community.

Beyond Academics

Educational institutions, in modern times, have realised the importance of activities that fall outside the purview of classroom tutoring. The Aster Group has taken this commitment a step forward by professionally mentoring its students for international competitions, while instilling team spirit amongst the participating students.

Our Curriculum

At Aster, Curriculum Development is a process that broadly has
four essential phases to make it complete and effective.


Effective Planning is when you identify and determine your target learners and develop the right goals and objectives to achieve positive results.

Shaping and Deciding Content and Training Methods

Curriculum is the overall content that is taught in an educational system and shaping and deciding the content refers to the relevance of the syllabus in meeting the stated goals of the curriculum.
Choosing the best and latest instructional strategies involves different teaching styles that effectively cater to students with different learning abilities. For example having audio visual presentations and interactive teaching strategies like brain storming, role play and group activities will definitely cater to the total audience that may comprise of auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners


It is most important to pick an instructional method that best suits your content. Before you set foot into a classroom you’ll need to consider all the logistics. Things to think about include where and when your training will be held, what pieces of technology will be used, how will you present, what materials are necessary and so on. Avoid common pitfalls such as not having the correct technology or having insufficient space by planning ahead.

Assessments & Evaluation

If performance needs to be improved it needs to be measured. Always design measurable goals and objectives so that assessments are fair and simple.

Trusted by Over 15000 Students

We have a fully qualified and very well educated teaching staff, continuous student counseling, and a very effective and enthusiastic student support staff.