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Sense of adventure in learning goes far in instilling the spirit of learning.

Education, coupled with a sense of adventure, creates natural inquisitiveness. Hence, we take our classrooms beyond four walls to arouse genuine desires to play for acquiring more knowledge. Thereby, instilling exponential growth in our learners.

The build-up for the start-ups

Initiating entrepreneurship

The digital media has changed the way we work and play. It has also changed the way we do business. Children are nowadays getting fascinated with earning the quick buck through this medium. Hence, to quench their thirst, we take special steps to introduce them to entrepreneurship.

Building prowess

Experts and professionals meet

We put our students on the anvil early on to initiate them to the professions of their choices. Valuable insights are gained through face-to-face interactions with professionals from sports to music, academics to robotics.

Cultural congress

Cross-cultural interactions

To gain broader life perspectives understanding the cross-cultural differences and to learn from them becomes important. Every year Aster gets represented at international forums through its student participation.

Getting first-hand

Field trips

For holistic development of the child, it becomes imperative that they gain all-round perspectives on the economic and social activities around. Excursions are, therefore, planned to business premises, factories and production units, art galleries, etc. on a regular basis for imparting broader knowledge.

The advisory

One-on-one counselling sessions with professionals of choice

One-on-one counselling sessions with professionals of choice. For those who want to delve deeper into the subjects of their choice, the school takes special initiatives to hold one-on-one counselling sessions. Professionals, educators and psychologists are called to help the students get across roadblocks.